Bel-Ray Scooter Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil


img-qind.JPGBel-Ray Scooter Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil. For case order quantity 12.

Bel-Ray Scooter Semi-Synthetic 2T Engine Oil is formulated from high-quality synthetic blend base stocks to provide clean burning performance and a high level of wear protection for all air-cooled/liquid-cooled scooter engines. Prevents ring sticking and spark plug fouling.

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  • 1 Liter
  • Formulated for Pre-Mix & Autolube/Injector Systems
  • For Air Cooled/Liquid Cooled 2T Scooter Engines with Wet Clutches
  • For Case Order Quantity 12
  • Clean Burning
  • Low Smoke Formula
  • Provides Excellent Wear Protection to Extend Engine Life
  • Prevents Ring Sticking & Spark Plug Fouling

Weight:  2.1  lb