About Us

Brad’s Scooters is a Saint Louis-based reseller of motor sports products. Our company was founded in 2005 as a retail store that sells electric and gas powered transportation products such as our current scooter models. Our company has gradually followed the trends in our industry and we now sell gas and electric products that fall into the Motor Sports category such as Pocket Bikes, Dirt Bikes, and All-Terrain Vehicles. Our company primarily stays on top of trends in our industry and we try to focus our company’s strengths on certain areas such as: Customer Service, Quality, Parts and Price.

 Customer Service

Customer service is our main area of strength. We try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get a hold of our salespeople so that they can place orders even when it is late at night and on the weekends in addition to normal business hours. For example, most of our sales people provide their direct number, cell phone number, and email address to their customers. They do this so they can be reached easily and help customers with their orders and concerns.


Our company competes in an industry where product quality often suffers because many of these products look similar as all the factories in China use similar looking parts. Since the products that end up being manufactured look nearly identical to each other, every distributor that purchases these products looks to save as much money as they can in order to compete heavily on price. This savings usually only amount to a $5 to $10 savings per unit, but causes the product quality to suffer drastically and increases the need to carry parts. Brad’s Scooters does not purchase lower quality products in order to get a cheaper price. Brad’s Scooters focuses on volume purchases from quality manufacturers in order to receive higher quality products at lower prices. This is because Brad’s Scooters realizes that a saving of $5 to $10 in the short run will cost the customer of Brad’s Scooters more than that in repair time and loss of business and image in the long run. Plus there is also the cost of shipping that Brad’s Scooters offers to pay in case a part does become defective, in which case the cost of shipping a part easily outweighs any savings on the cost of the inferior quality products.


Brad’s Scooters carries a significant stock of parts for its models. Brad’s Scooters offers these parts to the customers at a reasonable price. Brad’s Scooters will help you find the hard to get parts for most of your powersports needs. Other companies can’t claim this, and if they can, chances are that they cannot even live up to their word.


We also have very competitive prices. Many companies out there that import these products try to sell them for higher prices because they either want higher profits or they have to charge higher prices because they’re further inland and have to pay for inland shipping. Since we partner with our vendors shipping companies, we avoid this high shipping cost and can provide better prices to you. We also buy in bulk in order to receive even further discounts from our manufacturers. Check around and you will see that we have fairly competitive prices in the industry, and when you are ready to order, we will welcome your business.


Brad’s Scooters focuses on speed of delivery to our retail outlet and the avoidance of shipping damage. Have you ever ordered merchandise and had to wait for a month or longer to receive it? Have you ever ordered merchandise and received your product in multiple pieces because of shipping damage? Those are some of the few complaints we hear from our customers who have bought from our competitors before finding us. You will not experience that same problem with Brad’s Scooters. We demand that our vendors package our merchandise very carefully and shrink wrap it to make sure that the package moves as little as possible during shipping. We also use better packing and foam for our products as well. We receive our orders within a day or two after ordering them so you can receive your order within anywhere between 3 to 5 business days. Other companies sometimes sell you products that there vendors don’t even have in stock and just try to “juggle” you until they receive their merchandise so they can keep your money. That is why some of our competitors take orders and receive payment, then they talk their customers into waiting before they receive the merchandise. They never tell them that they don’t have it in stock and they just claim that its on its way. As you can imagine most customers don’t like having their money tied up for too long. Brad’s Scooters always carries a wide selection of models in stock, and we will never tell you that our vendors have something in stock if they do not. This is yet another prime reason why so many people do business with our company.

I hope you choose us for your power sports needs.

Thank you,

Brad Gelber – Owner
(636) 946-8222